The Snow Laden Province or Himachal Pradesh

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Syed Nowreen Qadri

This snow laden province is the bard of the north-eastern India. Nestled in the lap of the great Himalayan range, Himachal Pradesh is bestowed with an uncanny beauty and enthralling natural views. Himachal Pradesh, is a beautiful small valley that lies in the lap of the majestic snow covered mountains.

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Rising from the Shivalik ranges and engulfing in the mid-Himalayas, Greater Himalayas and beyond, into the trans-Himalayan vast expanse of western Tibet, Himachal Pradesh-The snow laden province, is a land of great diversity. The highest chain of mountains in the entire world that inhabit this land, has been revered and worshipped  since ages as the abode of Gods. The people belonging to the Hindu faith often deem this place as sacred and blessed. Every year, believers brave the mighty snowfall and storms to trek the mighty himalayas for an annual pilgrimage. 

The north-eastern region of India has always been a land of fascination for people around the world, therefore, not making Himachal Pradesh a stranger to an annual overflow of tourists and travelers from around the world.



Himachal, is also known as an adventurer's abode for the numerous phases of it’s adventure tourism. With gushing streams cutting through deep gorges, pristine  mountain lakes, dense forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, unending pastures,all excite the spirits of the adventure lovers for sports and all sorts of outdoor activities. All you need to have is a willingness and a required level of fitness and you’re good to go. Himachal tourism offers a wide range of adventure tourism activities.

These include

  • River rafting,
  • Ice-skating,
  • Mountain cycling,
  • paragliding,
  • Heli-skiing,
  • Skiing,
  • Mountaineering,
  • Rock climbing,
  • Camping, etc. 



If you’re not much into hardcore adventure, you can take a day’s hike to a nearby hill, or an excursion to a lake, or even enjoy golf in some of the world’s renowned golf courses. Or maybe, visit  a local zoo or a wildlife sanctuary and get to see some of the endangered flora and fauna native to Himachal, like the snow leopard, Himalayan bear, himalayan yak, the western tragopan, or even the rarest of the rare- the musk deer. 

Nurtured by the centuries of excellent tradition, the people of Himachal are no strangers when it comes to displaying hospitality and warmth towards their guests. Himachal celebrates numerous festivals that turn into galas and a demonstration of their brilliant cultural heritage and any tourist is more than welcome to participate in these. These include the Manali winter carnival, wherein, cultural teams from many states put up a show of their folk dances in front of tourists from the country and worldwide. Competitions, musical shows and even beauty pageants are held that mesmerise the visitors.

Apart from this, local fests such as Halda, Phalgi and Lossar also enchant the visitors as Himachal proudly displays it’s hindu and buddhist culture. A sacred place for both the religions, Himachal has been an abode of religious spirituality for not just the local or Indian visitors, but tourists from all around the world visit this place to get a whiff of this atmosphere and mingle in it’s spiritual plane. 

Apart from its religious and cultural charisma, Himachal has multiple places, a visitor can go to, for sightseeing. These include twelve different forts that remind the visitors of the brilliant architecture of its past. Besides forts, Himachal offers a rich cultural heritage at display in its museums. These places have always been a subject of fascination for many people as they get to know more about Himachal’s glorious past!

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Syed Nowreen Qadri is an academy published author from Srinagar City. Her first published collection was compiled under the name "Silhouettes" in 2018